Looking for veterinary services in Clarkston?

General Medicine


PREPARING FOR SURGERY DAY FOR YOUR PET: 12 midnight the night before, remove all food. A small amount of water access is fine. It is important for your pet to have an empty stomach when we administer anesthesia.

Our check-in time is 8:00am. At that time you will be greeted and briefed once again regarding the procedure that will be performed. Please let us know if anything has changed since the last visit. This is a great time to express any additional questions or concerns that you may have with the staff. Your pet will undergo preanesthetic bloodwork first thing that morning. You will receive a phone call from our staff informing you when your pets has recovered from anesthesia and is able to go home.

Internal Medicine

Endocrine diseases (thyroid, diabetic management, Adrenal disease- cushings, addison’s, etc)
Immune Mediated Disease diagnosis and Management
Renal/Liver disease diagnosis and management.

Emergency/Critical Care

Our staff are specially trained and well equipped to handle many emergency situations that may arise with your pet. SVC strives to treat your pet efficient and communicate with you to keep your experience as stress-free as possible.

Diagnostic Laboratory

In-house diagnostic blood screening Heartworm testing, Feline Leukemia/FIV testing, “state of the art” blood machines to help detect disease/illness during your visit.
Outside laboratory services Services will often be used on non-urgent blood panels, maintenance blood levels for chronic use of thyroid/anti-seizure, insulin or anti-inflammatory medications. Outside services also include, but are not limited to urine culture, histopathology (biopsy), endocrine screening (i.e. thyroid, diabetic maintenance, adrenal testing)


We have the newest technology in digital x-ray equipment to better diagnose and monitor your pet for illness.


We currently use Kristin Hart, a licensed ultrasonographer.. She will perform any ultrasound necessary by appointment, and will perform the ultrasound in our facility for your conveniences!