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Springfield Veterinary Clinic

Here at Springfield Veterinary Clinic, we aim to serve you, the pet owner, by helping your pet receive the best in quality veterinary care. THANK YOU for allowing us to serve you and your pets for over 40 years!!

General Surgery

Routine OHE: Ovariohysterectomy (Spay for female dogs/cats)
Castration (Neuter for male dogs/cats/rabbits)
Declaw (cat): Consultation by a veterinarian is recommended to determine if this surgery is the best option for your pet and the client.
Lump removal A physical exam by the doctor is required within 30 days prior to surgery to evaluate size and location of the growth to discuss the surgical/anesthesia plan necessary for removal, as well as if biopsy would be recommended.
Orthopedic consultation
Cystotomy for Bladder stone removal
Dental extractions